Friday, November 8, 2019

How to make time for your loved ones

 "The most important gift you can give are your love,time and attention. Slow down, take time to smile,enjoy loved ones...Life goes by way too fast." 

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Find time for your folks at home. There is nothing more precious than doing this. Even as I write this, there are several things on my to do list that are waiting to be ticked off. My mind is racing to take control of several things that I need to complete. But my conscious reminds me that if you aren’t making space for your loved once, you are losing the best moments of your life.

When I had a full time job, I found it very difficult to spend time with my family. The day I quit my job, I had promised myself that I would set aside time to be with my aging mother, my children and my husband. I had lofty plans and ideas about life as a freelancer.But I was wrong about work life balance as a freelancer.

For the first few months , I really had the luxury to be with the family, but as the business grew I was back to working more than eight hours in a day. Very soon I realized that life as a freelancer is much more hectic because you are forever at your laptop or client meetings. You are always concerned about your productivity.Therefore when I read Neil Pasricha's post on “Why you need any untouchable day every week” I loved the concept . Scheduling time for your creative activities and following a set calendar is something which I strive to do. Have yet to master the art of doing it, but would one day reach my goal.

Getting off the express lane

" Too Busy is a myth. People make time for things that are really important to them."- Mandy Hale

To completely soak myself in the love and comfort of my loved ones, I have to make some sacrifices and be guilt free while doing so. This is the most difficult part. Getting of the express lane and devoting time for key relationships should be the first priority. I decided to take a clue from Neil Pasricha’s post and carved out a couple of hours every day when my phone would be switched off. I kept my clients informed and to my surprise most of them appreciated my priorities

Making space in life for some of the glorious moments with your family should never be ignored. While my work helps to nurture my body and mind, using it as an excuse to stay away from my first priority was certainly not acceptable to me.

My 90 year old Mom’s complaint.

“ All relationships have one law.Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you’re there”.
My mom is an extrovert and loves to stay connected with the entire family. As a practice even at this age, she never misses a chance to pick up the phone and talk to her relatives in distant places. During lunch or dinner while some of us are with her, she complains if we are busy talking to someone on our mobiles or just looking at the screens and not listening to what she has to say. She would have several stories from her life which she is always eager to share. Her biggest complaint today is that she feels lonely even when she is surrounded by the younger generation. Because everyone is busy looking at their phones and nobody to talk to her. Just being physically present in the room is not enough for her.
One of my priority is to take my mom out for a long drive twice a week. She loves the time we get to spend together.

Re-evaluating your priorities

It is important to schedule appropriate time with both family and friends.Neglecting key relationships can cause more stress.
The growing presence of technology in our lives , makes it even more difficult to give undivided attention to our loved ones.It requires determination and a strong will power to disconnect all devices and spend quality time with loved ones at home or with friends. Re-evaluating priorities and making sure that your day has equal amounts of time set apart for loved ones, your professional responsibilities and also for yourself. The Me time cannot be taken for granted. This is the only way to ensure that your demanding schedule does not rob you off the happiness that you get from connecting with your dear ones.

I have made changes to my schedule and made my loved ones my first priority. How about you?

Thank you for reading this post. Would love to hear on how you manage to find time for your family and friends.

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